Help - Resell

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  • Which item resells for the most?

    Resell prices mostly depend on hype, stock and demand of an item. It's not possible to give an exact resell estimation beforehand. We will release before every drop a ranking list with the most hyped item based on votings.

  • Where can I sell my items?

    There are plenty of buy/sell Facebook groups to sell on. Also apps like Grailed, Depop and Instagram are a possible way to sell things. Please make always sure to follow the rules for the specific platform.

  • What are tagged pics?

    Tagged pics are usually needed to sell an item. It's a small assurance for the buyer that you have the item in hand and that it's yours. Write your name on a piece of paper and put it beside the item and take the picture after.

  • What is the best Bot to buy Supreme?

    We often get asked what is the best bot for buying Supreme. There are a lot of different bots out in the wild. Some need installations and some are easy to use browser plugins.

    Usually success in buying not only depends on the bot, but also on site speed, your internet conenction, site performance, your settings and a lot more.

    For an easy to use browser bot we can vouch for Forcecop.