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Top Questions

  • When do items restock?

    Webshop restocks are random and not predictable. Most restocks happen right after a new drop. Always keep an eye on: RESTOCKS

  • Which items are dropping?

    Droplists are not available from the beginning of the season. Items dropping each Thursday (for Japan Saturday) will be announced on our site and instagram as soon as we have them. Check out the DROPLISTS page.

  • Which time are the online drops?

    Online drops are always every Thursday 11am NYC and 11am LDN time (for Japan Saturday 11am Tokyo time). Between seasons or on some holidays there are no drops. 

    Check out our service DROPTIMER to get your approximately local drop time.

  • Which item resells for the most?

    We are not giving out tips for this matter and will abstain from this topic. Resell prices mostly depend on hype, stock and demand of an item.

  • Can I promote my company/service?

    We are starting to create the possibility to take promotion deals. We offer paid website banner space, Instagram story posts and Instagram caption mentions (occasionally Instagram posts). 

    Please contact us via mail on and include in the mail following points:

    1. Desired promotion platform and type (Website/Instagram - Banner space, story posts, caption mentions, ...)
    2. What is your company/service about? (Include links etc.)
    3. Duration of the promotion
    4. Anticipated budget for the promotion (€, $ or £)

    Also feel free to contact us for any other inquiry.  

  • What is the best Bot to buy Supreme?

    We often get asked what is the best bot for buying Supreme. There are a lot of different bots out in the wild. Some need installations and some are easy to use browser plugins.

    Usually success in buying not only depends on the bot, but also on site speed, your internet conenction, site performance, your settings and a lot more.

    For an easy to use browser bot we can vouch for Hypercopbot.