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  • Where is my order confirmation?

    Order confirmations sometimes take some time to arrive. If you were displayed the confirmation on the web store and your card was charged (more than the 1$ test transaction) you should be good most of the time. Orders can even arrive without any order confirmation, it's just important to check your charges on your card.

    If you got displayed the online store confirmation after buying but have no charge beside the 1$ test transaction you most likely were ghosted and your order did not get through.

  • Where is my shipping confirmation?

    Shipping confirmation usually takes some days to arrive. Especially on busy drops with hyped items or special occasions like first drop. If you have received your order confirmation and your card was charged have patience and wait it out. Orders have also arrived without any shipping confirmation before.

  • Why was my card declined?

    The card declined error unfortunately happens a lot nowadays. It does not always have to do with your card. Supreme also uses this error template for multiple errors. It could be that your wanted item was sold out last second before filling the order on Supremes server side, your shipping details did not match the registered card address, your credit card provider did block the transaction or any other generic error no one knows from client side.

    If the error happens multiple times in a row there is even the possibility that your address/card is on a blacklist. People have mostly fixed the error with changing up their address and use another card.

  • Can I buy multiple items?

    It is not possible to buy multiple items of the same product. It is also not possible to buy different colorways of the same product. If you do multiple orders and the same item goes through it's up to Supreme if they cancel the order. If it happens that you really need multiple styles of the same product you can do multiple orders and change up the address and use another card.