Help - Drops

Find answers to your questions about "Drops".

  • Which items are dropping?

    Droplists are not available from the beginning of the season. Items dropping each Thursday (for Japan Saturday) will be announced on our site and instagram as soon as we have them. Check out the DROPLISTS page.

  • Which time are the online drops?

    Online drops are always every Thursday 11am NYC and 11am LDN time (for Japan Saturday 11am Tokyo time). Between seasons or on some holidays there are no drops. 

    Check out our service DROPTIMER to get your approximately local drop time.

  • Which time are the instore drops?

    In-store drops happen each Thursday (for Japan Saturday) at 11am local time of the specific location. Read the rules for your store at our STORES section to get to know how to sign up for the list if there is any in place.

  • How can I join the queue?

    Not all Supreme stores have the same system in place. Some are based on a E-Mail list which sends out the list sign up location on Mondays and some are still based on first come first serve. Read up the system for your store at STORES